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bkult | Was meinen Sie? | Debatten zur Baukultur

            …please read: a contribution to the current debate on architects’ work conditions on bkult

DIE WELT | full-page article

A full-page interview by Vera Pache published in the daily newspaper DIE WELT on Feb 11, 2012

ATLAS – Publication by Luis Fernández-Galiano

          STUDYO’s Israel Project in ATLAS – Architecture of the 21st Century / Africa and Middle East published at Fundación BBVA


1 SORUDA 10 MIMAR – 10 ARCHITECTS RESPONDING 1QUESTION Aysin Ipekci is selected as one out of ten architects to answer a question in consideration of urban qualitiy flashbacking 2011 and foreseeing 2012 in Turkish magazine KONSEPT PROJELER.

[YOUNG HOUSE] magazin

                  STUDYO in [YOUNG HOUSE] magazin recently published by Reinhart Wustlich with… …West Arch – A New Generation in Architecture an exhibition in Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst in Aachen where STUDYO as one of 25 architecture offices participated in 2010 …about the New Campus Project for…
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FAZ | full-page article

A full-page interview by Andreas Rossmann published in the daily newspaper FAZ / Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Sep 11, 2010